Technikel’s VoIP (voice over internet protocol) service allows you to oust your traditional phone line completely and instead make and receive calls over the internet. Not only will you reduce costs and receive better service, but you can potentially cut your current phone expenses in half. VoIP gives you all of the standard features of regular phone service plus more, without the additional costs of traditional PBX systems. Our VoIP phone service is a fully managed solution included in your predictive flat monthly fee. 

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Smooth, Stable & Easy

Fully managed means no awkward portals to access and full customer support to ensure smooth, stable and easy operation.  What’s best, you’ll have the security of knowing that your services will continue to operate in the event of a power failure at the office with our cloud hosted solutions.

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Using our cloud VoIP solutions you can easily create a work-from-anywhere environment allowing your team to be agile and provide outstanding service from the office or at home. Leverage the power of dynamic voicemail and notifications, time of day direction and detailed monthly reporting.  All for a fraction of the cost of regular business lines. 

Our 100% Vancouver based team are trained VoIP experts and can easily manage a transition from legacy telecom simply and painlessly.  Our Managed VoIP solutions will reduce your costs and enhance productivity throughout your business.

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  • Create an agile and complete work-from-anywhere environment for your business with management included as part of your predictive flat rate fee.
  • Keep your current phone numbers both local and toll free.
  • Reduce costs compared to traditional phone service.
  • With our holistic approach to your I.T. Health, your telecommunications needs will be fully integrated into your complete I.T. infrastructure.
  • Enhance productivity with the flexibility to accept calls from the office, at home or via a mobile device, with the ability for time of day directions.
  • Leverage the power with dynamic voicemail and notifications, as well as detailed monthly reporting capabilities.
  • Be assured that you are supported by our 100% Vancouver based VoIP experts and customer care team.



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