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IT Security

IT Security

We’ll keep your system safe from cyber attacks and operating at peak performance. The network is the nucleus of your business — tech issues can destroy productivity leaving your customers to suffer. Have no fear. We abhor downtime so we’ll ensure your system runs smoothly and securely 24/7. We’ll help you avoid an expensive data breach with solutions to quickly detect and mitigate attacks.

Our security measures include:

  • Full network monitoring, detection and prevention
  • Security training to teach your employees to spot and avoid cyber threats
  • Monitoring your logs, devices, cloud, networks, and assets
  • Access to our North Vancouver staff, of course

Email & Spam Protection Services

A corporate security plan is incomplete without email protection because the majority of phishing attacks start from within our inboxes.

Cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated. Securing your email is crucial to safeguarding your critical assets and preventing cyber attacks. It’s only a matter of time until a tired or distracted employee clicks on a malicious email link and infects your network.

Technikel’s North Vancouver staff can help:

  • Keep your inboxes free of annoying and potentially dangerous emails
  • Prevent emails from being accidentally or maliciously altered or deleted
  • Ease the pressure on your server by offloading your storage
  • Train staff how to spot phishing links and corrupt messages

We help to ensure that your IT runs smoothly & securely

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Client Testimonials

Peter Bjurman

Owner Bjurman Notary Corp

I appreciate Technikel's quick service and knowledgeable IT Support staff. If someone doesn't have an answer immediately they are resourceful in finding the answer. There is not much they don't know as a team. The staff really understand the layperson and provide professional service that is understandable to the untrained. I trust Technikel and their skills.

Kerry Morgan

Owner Morgan & Company, Notaries Public

Since moving to Managed IT Services with Technikel Solutions I never have to worry about my system - I can just trust that it is being looked after. When I do need support the response time is within expectations and it's nice to know that everything will be taken care of without the worry of a large unexpected bill. I am especially pleased that most problems can be managed remotely which is so much more efficient for everyone.

Margot Ware

Owner Shylo Nursing

Chris and his team have always been quick to respond to our I.T. needs, and we haven't run into a problem they can't fix. We have Peace of Mind knowing that they are always there for us and their IT support will keep our systems updated and running smoothly. Like many businesses, we run 24/7/365 and cannot be "down". They always respond the same day, usually within the hour if it's an urgent matter.

Chris O'Donohue

CEO Great Canadian Landscaping

We use Technikel Solutions for managed I.T. Services. Their service and product support is above all other vendors we have used in the past. They are responsive and truly a partner in keeping our business on top of its game, online, safe and secure. If you need a I.T. company that cares, call Chris and his team at Technikel Solutions. They are truly Rockstars of the I.T. world.

Paul Lilley

Owner Kingdom Builders

Technikel Solutions helped us to reduce our I.T. costs by eliminating our small business server and move our exchange to the cloud. Chris has helped us to synchronize more reliably with all our devices, and we have eliminated all our expensive server maintenance issues. In addition, Technikel helped us to more efficiently manage our conference room media and improve our network speed.

Contact us today to book your free IT Health Checkup. 

No commitment. No pressure. Just honest insights on your IT infrastructure that you can share with your current provider. 

Contact us today to book your free IT Health Checkup. 

No commitment. No pressure. Just honest insights on your IT infrastructure that you can share with your current provider. 

Book your free I.T. HEALTH CHECK

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