No matter how tech-savvy you may be, understanding what software is best for your business
and how to properly use it can be challenging.

You probably already know this, but Microsoft is a powerhouse in the software industry and has
a wide variety of programs that are great for businesses of any size. What you might not know is
how to effectively use Microsoft software to benefit your business. That’s where a Microsoft
Certified Silver Partner, like Technikel Solutions, comes in.

Microsoft Certified Silver Partner

What is a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner?

A Microsoft Certified Silver Partner is a Managed Services Provider that implements Microsoft
business solutions on their client’s behalf and staffs a team of Microsoft certified professionals
that are fluent in Microsoft’s software and competencies.

Microsoft competencies include Cloud Productivity, Security, Data Analytics, Enterprise
Resource Planning, App Integration, Application Development and much more.

Benefits of Working with a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner

Receive Guidance & Support on Microsoft Products

There are a wide variety of Microsoft products that could benefit your business, but with so
many options, it can be difficult to understand what your business truly needs. With a Microsoft
Certified Silver Partner in your corner, you have someone to rely on that has the knowledge to
recommend the best products for your needs.

In addition to the guidance and support that you will receive from a Microsoft Certified Silver
Partner, they also have immediate access to the program licenses that you need to get started.

Effective Implementation of I.T. Solutions

You likely don’t have the time in your busy day to learn a brand new program, let alone
implement it in your business. Whether you are migrating applications and data to the cloud,
implementing a communications strategy that utilizes Skype for Business or encouraging
collaboration with SharePoint, a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner can effectively and seamlessly
implement new I.T. solutions into your day to day operations.

Never again will you be turning to your teenager for advice on how to create that Excel
spreadsheet – or searching for the proper CRM, collaboration program or security strategy for
your business. Technikel is a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner that would be happy to support
your business’ relationship with Microsoft products and I.T. solutions.