Most of the time, we do our best not to assume the worst, but when it comes to data and network security, we should absolutely be prepared for the worst. As hackers and attackers become more sophisticated, our data and networks become more vulnerable. To mitigate this issue, zero trust security is often recommended.

What is zero trust security?

Zero trust security is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like. It is an I.T. security model that requires all users, whether inside or outside of a network’s perimeter, to be authenticated, authorized and validated on a regular basis in order to access resources on a private network.

Zero trust assumes that there are attackers both inside and outside the network. For this reason, no users or machines are automatically trusted, and they must utilize multi-factor authentication to access the network. Multi-factor authentication requires that a user provide more than one piece of evidence to be authenticated, so a single password is simply not enough for the user to gain access.

An example of multi-factor authentication in action would be when a network requires you to enter a password and also input a code sent to a predetermined device, such as your cell phone.

Zero trust systems also monitor the number of devices that are trying to access the network to ensure that each device is authorized. Threats and user attributes can change at any time, which is why proper validation is important to minimize the risk of attack on the network.

In addition to requiring proper validation, zero trust security also practices least-privilege access, meaning that users are limited to access only the data and information that is relevant to them.

By practicing zero trust, your company and network can operate with minimized risks to security and become less vulnerable to attackers, but you don’t have to do it alone. Technikel can manage your network security by implementing and managing a zero trust system that puts your valuable data in a secure position, no matter where it is being accessed from.

If you’re interested in better protecting your network with zero trust security, contact our expert team at Technikel to discuss our multi-layered approach.