Believe it or not, your business does not need those expensive data centres and servers. Why,
you ask? In this day and age, businesses are foregoing the costly software and hardware for a
more cost-effective solution: Cloud Computing.

So, what is cloud computing? This service allows you to use software or hardware owned by a
third party, rather than investing in and maintaining it yourself, and it’s delivered on-demand via
the Internet.

Microsoft Office 365 rotating apps

Let’s say, you need Microsoft Office 365 for your business. Instead of purchasing that software
yourself, installing it on your office computers, and regularly updating it, cloud computing would
allow you to pay-as-you-go for this software and skip the installation and maintenance.

Work from anywhere with cloud computing

Another benefit to cloud computing is that it can be accessed anywhere. Not in the office? No
problem. You and your employees can access your company’s systems and data anywhere that
there is web access. This benefit is so crucial as more and more companies add
work-from-home policies and allow their employees more freedom to work where they are
efficient and productive.

Why is cloud computing a cost-effective technology solution?

There are actually a number of reasons why cloud computing is a cost-effective solution. The
first, and most obvious reason, is that your business no longer needs to purchase costly
information and communication technology (ICT). From physical servers down to Microsoft
Office 365, you can skip the upfront fees and pay-as-you-go via cloud computing.

Here are a few more reasons why cloud computing could save your business money:

  • Data is secured and backed up by the provider, meaning there is less of a chance that
  • you could lose data and be forced to put money into recovery.
  • Downtime is reduced because your systems won’t go offline as they would when
  • software crashes.
  • There is no need to upgrade your systems as they become outdated.
  • Maintenance is no longer needed in-house.

There are many benefits to utilizing cloud computing for your business, from improving
productivity to accessibility and major cost savings. If you think that cloud computing may be
right for your business, but you’re not sure where to start, send us a note and let’s see what
would work best for your business.