With Managed Virtualization Services, your technology is hosted off site at our North Vancouver location and delivered to you via the Internet. This means you can free up office space and waste less time and money managing your technology. Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of a server or computer system using software rather than hardware.  It is the foundation of cloud computing and allows you to centralize administrative tasks and reduce hardware costs while improving scalability and workloads.

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The idea of virtualization can be a bit complex but in essence it allows you to create a true work-from-anywhere environment with improved performance and a lower total cost of ownership. 

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Managed Virtualization

Virtualization reduces your hardware and operating costs, while providing 99.99% uptime. It is the foolproof backup and disaster recovery plan and ensures proper management and storage of critical customer data.

Technikel’s 100% Vancouver based team of virtualization experts can implement, manage and optimize virtualization for all mission-critical business applications. 

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  • Maximize your I.T. infrastructure utilization with lower Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Our managed virtualization services are included in your predictable flat rate monthly fee.
  • Leverage the experience of our 100% Vancouver based virtualization experts and dedicated customer care team.
  • We have strong partnerships and experience working with leading industry virtualization players including: VMware, Cisco, HP and Redhat to enable effective solutions.



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