External Technical Support is a smart way to even the playing field for small to medium businesses looking to take their business to the next level. By opting for external Technical Support, you will not only receive professional IT services, you will also be giving yourself the freedom to focus on your core business, without being distracted by IT issues.

Here are the 5 main benefits external technical support can help your small or medium sized business.

1. Cost effective

For any business, investing in full time in-house IT personnel can be expensive. Managed IT service providers are generally a better value because you don’t have to pay the expenses of full-time employees including: benefits, health insurance, hiring, onboarding, and more.

Plus, there are further factors to be considered such as market knowledge, latest technological trends, compliance, security, and government regulations. When you outsource, all the above areas are taken care of.  At Technikel, we have a team of specialized professionals on hand and available to you, with in-depth industry knowledge to handle all your technical issues. Not only will you experience the smooth management of your IT needs, but you also won’t have to worry about risk management issues.

2. 24x7x365 Support

With external Technical Support you don’t have to worry about weekday, 9am – 5pm or location constraints. Most issues can be fixed remotely and after hours, which can relieve many headaches.  

There is also the dilemma of sick days or vacation time with internal IT support, which can put you in a critical situation if there is an emergency.

If there is a security incident, or something happens which will take longer to fix, our team can work to resolve it, allowing your staff to focus on moving your business forward.

3. Access to a Broad Skill Set

External Technical Support providers have in-depth, hands on knowledge on a wide range of technology solutions.  And our team is constantly investing in updating our skill sets with new technology and updates.

Working with Technikel means you have access to a team of individuals with a broad skill set and experience you are unlikely to get from hiring a single individual or even small team. If your internal support person doesn’t have the experience, you may have to outsource for a short-term project which can be costly.

As a managed I.T. service provider, we provide an entire IT department, from CTO consulting to support and engineering, for a flat, predictive monthly fee that’s typically less than the cost of a single employee.

4. Automation

One of the biggest advantages of going with an external Technical Support team is that we can provide routine maintenance. This proactively maintains your network, which can result in a more stable environment, thus reducing downtime for your staff and business.

Routine maintenance may be neglected as your internal IT support person might be busy fixing day to day problems that arise.

5. Expert Recommendations

External IT Support Providers have in-depth, hands on knowledge on a wide range of technology solutions, such as network security, cloud services, virtualization and VoiP.

We are experts in recommending and implementing solutions that directly align with your business strategy.  We can advise you on best practices, while also helping you to avoid mistakes when selecting and implementing new solutions. We can give you a new set of “eyes” for your situation, a fresh perspective that you’ve maybe been lacking.

Access to this level of expertise can shorten implementation time,  saving your business in terms of both time and money. Such expertise is also helpful in ensuring you are getting the most from your existing IT resources.

When it comes to security, Managed Service providers will have more experience of threats and current cyber-criminal tactics. We invest in a team who can deal with all kinds of incidents, and we are proactive about keeping up-to-date with the latest viruses, malware and phishing scams.

If you are looking for External IT Support and managed IT services in Vancouver , then we would love to hear from you.  Unlike other Managed I.T. service & support providers, we do things differently and offer a personalized approach to provide your business the technology backing and support it deserves.