In this post, we are going to talk more about the basics of securing your business, or as I like to
refer to it, the fundamentals. If the fundamentals are not completed first, then you are not

You can think about this like your home. You could have the best alarm system in the world, but
if you don’t have it connected to a company that will alert the police and dispatch them, then it’s
just going to make a lot of noise. The bad guys will still have plenty of time to steal your
valuables and destroy your house.

Cyber security is similar. You could have very good Antivirus, but if no one is being alerted and
taking action on those alerts, it doesn’t do you much good. We see time and time again that
management teams think that they have Antivirus and it’s working well, but it isn’t being updated
properly, doesn’t have a paid license, and isn’t managed. Having a security team monitor and
manage your Antivirus is critical and it goes even deeper than this.

Most Ransomware attacks are not coming in via the old school virus. They are getting in from
holes in your Operating System, Firewall, Remote Access, VPN, Phishing Emails, etc. We need
to rethink Antivirus!! Vendors and security experts have been working hard on this issue. As
Ransomware isn’t a “virus” per say, what can be done?

Well, one of the solutions is Next Generation Endpoint Protection. This software watches your
computer for changes in its most basic systems and, with the help of A.I., decides if the change
the Ransomware is trying to make is actually a problem or if it’s normal everyday system
changes. This software works, but is it enough? No, it is not.

The next layer we recommend on top of your Next Generation Endpoint Protection is 24/7
monitoring and management of your systems. A.I. is great, but it doesn’t know everything.
Having actual security professionals watching the alerts and actioning them is critical.

Did you know most hacker groups attack companies after 5:00pm on Friday. Why? It gives them
all weekend to encrypt your system and hold you for ransom on Monday. So, do you have a
team of security professionals watching your network, computers, and company data 24/7/365?

Chris Barre – President Technikel Solutions