The Technikel Difference: A Strategic Approach to Your Company’s I.T. Health

Just like your personal health, it’s important to look inward and identify the challenges and growth opportunities for your company’s I.T. health. At Technikel, our approach to I.T. solutions is simple and rooted in an understanding of your business and goals. Rather than a stock list of services, we provide technical support that is tailored to your business.

The Technikel approach follows a client-centered process that includes a free I.T. health check for your business, the development of a strategic roadmap and a quarterly business review to ensure we are on track to meet your goals.

Free I.T. Health Check

The first step in our approach is to look under the hood of your business and learn about your current I.T. infrastructure and future needs. We offer this service complimentary because it is essential to determining where we go from here. Your free I.T. health check will inform the unique strategic roadmap that we develop for your business.

Development of Strategic Roadmap

Your unique strategic roadmap sets the stage for where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. This constantly evolving document includes timelines, tracks progress and allocates budget for future initiatives. We utilize this strategic roadmap to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page when it comes to the health and growth of your business and I.T. solutions.

Quarterly Business Review

Regular review of Technikel’s services is essential to determining success and identifying new opportunities for growth. Your vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer)  will conduct a business review each quarter to revisit your I.T. Health Check, gather feedback, review where progress is being made, identify any challenges and schedule initiatives for the upcoming quarter. This review helps to keep everything related to your company’s I.T. solutions on track.

Our approach is straightforward and puts the focus on improving and maintaining the I.T. services that are vital to your business.

If you believe that the Technikel approach is the right choice for your business, we encourage you to book a free I.T. health check to get the process started.