Why Accountants Need Managed I.T. Services


Computers and software have become vital to an accountant’s business, but they also comewith plenty of risks. As an accountant, you’re expected to know numbers and how to handlefinances, budgets, and taxes, but you shouldn’t be expected to know how to manage I.T. Withall of the risk involved in utilizing technology for your accounting business, […]

What is VoIP and why is it a great solution for small businesses?

Small businesses face numerous challenges daily, but your phone system does not need to beone of those challenges. Adopting VoIP in your small business will save you time and money,and make your business more flexible and efficient. If you’re wondering what VoIP is and how itcould benefit your business, let’s dive in. VoIP, or Voice […]

How Small Businesses Can Implement Zero Trust

Zero trust for your small business

Adopting a zero trust strategy, which we covered in detail in our blog post: What Is Zero TrustAnd Should Your Company Practice It?, is key for small businesses to protect their networks. AnI.T. security model that requires all users, whether inside or outside of a network’s perimeter, tobe authenticated, authorized, and validated on a regular […]

11 Things That You Can Do To Improve Your Tech Security

11 Tips to Tech Security from Technikel Solutions

There are many threats to businesses’ tech security these days, and your own staff is truly thegreatest security problem that you face. Between accidentally downloading malware, neglectingto backup important data, mistakenly sending emails outside the company, and simply beingcareless, your business could be at risk of a security breach due to the actions of youremployees. […]

Why Your Business Needs A Digital Transformation (And How To Do It)

Why Your Business Needs A Digital Transformation (And How To Do It) by Technikel Solutions

Let’s set the scene; it’s the year 2022 and you run a business. Your business is doing wellenough, but you still have a piecemeal strategy for your technology needs. Some of youremployees use Google Docs, some use Microsoft Word. You’ve lost track of how many differentsoftware programs you’re paying for each month and you still […]

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing and how can Technikel Solutions help?

Believe it or not, your business does not need those expensive data centres and servers. Why,you ask? In this day and age, businesses are foregoing the costly software and hardware for amore cost-effective solution: Cloud Computing. So, what is cloud computing? This service allows you to use software or hardware owned by athird party, rather […]

Your Checklist For Avoiding I.T. Security Breaches

I.T. Security Checklist

Did you know that the majority of security breaches occur at the hands of a company’s ownemployees? Typically, these breaches are accidents, but unfortunately, that doesn’t make themany less detrimental to your business. An employee may send an email with confidential information outside of the company byaccident, leave a customer’s credit card number on a […]

8 Cyber Security Tips for Small Business

Cyber Security Tips from Technikel Solutions

As technology continues to evolve, so do the cyber threats that businesses face. Credential theft, data loss and other cyber attacks can put your business in a position to lose time and money. Luckily, there are a number of ways to safeguard your business and prevent potential attacks from hurting your productivity and bottom line. […]

How has COVID changed cyber security

How has COVID changed cyber security - Technikel Solutions

COVID-19 has truly changed the world as we know it. We now wear face masks when we goout, apply hand sanitizer at restaurants and retail stores and test for the virus before traveling.Believe it or not, COVID has also had quite an impact on cyber security. With COVID-19 came the work-from-home era. As employees were […]

We Moved!


Exciting things are happening at Technikel Solutions, and we want to share some important news with you. We have moved locations, our new address is #177 – 171 Esplanade W. North Vancouver. This is just one of many exciting developments. Give us a call to learn more 604.987.0088, email at info[@]technikel.ca or stop by our […]